Sunday, 16 March 2014

Quiet but Busy

I am still here I have been busy with an long term project which is ending soon, my plan is to have it finished by Easter so its been head down tail up.

I have still been turning yet to put a final finish on those and making other things as well as having time out.
I have found others I can post to this blog but have not contacted them as yet, some are hard to contact as the only thing I find is video's posted by others.

I have found in my blog one post in particular that on Tickling madusa aka John I am getting spam comments,  I can not find the source or the reason why just his story I have deleted a number and sent them to the spam folder.
I did delete a couple of comments which I know feel were true comments to those people I am sorry.

Yesterday I had a morning out to see destruction testing centre at Sydney's UTS hope you enjoy the read.

I hope your all well and enjoying your time in your own workshops.


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