Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Winter Chills

Yes its winter here and this one although its been sunny and dry mostly we have had some windy chilli days. This has slowed any workshop time I have had on some day bring me to a stop as the wind comes straight off the Snowy Mnts down south some 350k away.

My body aches with the cold at times but there are days I have ventured out around 10am and as the day warms and I move about I loosen up. Yet the workshop can still be around 10C.

Over the last month I have been using the wheelchair to do some work from, cleaning up, rearranging things, finishing off a few pens ie:- sanding and applying the finish.

Using the wheelchair as I have said previously causes problems and now I am suffering upper and lower back pain, due to the stress of sitting position in relation to what ever I am doing.
When I have used the draughtsman stool again and I did while turning a wet piece of camphor a full day and yes I was sore and aching the next day but it was from using the muscles.

I have been jumping from project to project as I do i hope your all still busy and enjoying your time in the workshop or out doors.


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