Friday, 5 September 2014

Almost An End to My Sitting High and Mighty

Just over a month ago I replaced the castor wheels on my workshop stool, the old ones had worn down and the breaks would not hold when I was transferring. New castors were bought, what a day that turned out to be. Car wouldn't start due to flat battery at Richmond Castos and Wheels, thanks to our son and Richmond fellows who got us going again. Not for long though just streets away it stalled again battery dead, this time NRMA was called he got us started followed us down to Supercheap where he fitted a new battery. Car still stalled, seems Subaru Forester has to have the ECU re-set every time its jump started or battery replaced. Damn dangerous as the vehicle stalled in changing from 1st to 2nd or 3 to 2nd gear. Going into a round about or even just in general traffic this could cause a fatal accident. We survived had the ECU reset the next day.

Oh yeh he castor wheels and the stool, well 4 weeks after replacing the castors and thoroughly checking for cracks in the alloy base it failed while I was on it. One arm of the base snapped and I toppled no major injury just lucky I missed the bandsaw on the way down.

I have now taken the spare stool into the workshop and back doing things again. The old stool has been scrapped for parts as the gas shock, castor wheels and some knobs were all fine.

Below are photos of the broken ally arm. The stool has been used by me for now some seven years so it has done well.

Warmer weather on the way spring s here so is the rain and winds.

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