Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jack Houwelling a Woodworker Piano Player with CMT/Charcot Marie Tooth

I am always on the search for something and I discovered Jack Houwelling's Youtube Channel    while doing just that and watching his video on a dovetail job I noticed something which stood out about him personally. His hands!!! I run the video again and yep there it was very distinctive.

I found he had a a website Jax  Design and through that contacted him regarding his hands I was amazed in his reply later in seeing more of his videos and reading his email and story. Jack has CMT Chacot Marie Tooth this is the same as myself.

From one of his video's I think he is located in British Columbia.
Hi Raymond,

Yes I do have CMT but don't let it get in the way. I still play the piano and am a fulltime piano technician and woodworker. You are welcome to share my youtube channel.

Jack Houweling

Jack has some amazing ideas and jigs made simply to aid ones woodworking go check them out and enjoy.

 Thanks Jack for allowing me to share.


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