Saturday, 24 October 2015

That Sudden Sinking Feeling

Hi all been ages yes I know, I am still around and busy only just caught up on the shared blog .

I have been suffering RSI in the right arm and shoulder using the mouse to much even just an hour is enough so have had to limit my time on the net etc.
No stopping me in the workshop though seems to ease greatly when working other muscles.

A warning to ALL if staying at motels please make sure the shower seats are secured well to the wall NOT just four screws into plaster board covered by tiles.

 please excuse the best side view of me.

This was in a newly renovated shower area at the Chelsea Motel in Coffs harbour in August on our way home from Toowoomba.

I had just transferred onto the seat as you can see the position I am in. Injured lower back and upper shoulder area just from the jar of the fall. Its taken until now to ease.

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