Saturday, 29 June 2013

Abilympics - Now What's That??

Have you ever heard of Abilympics "NO" don't feel bad neither had I. So what is?

 Abilympics exists to assist and enrich the lives of people with disabilites. Over our many years of operation our efforts have touched a lot of competitors and volunteers. Here is a small collection of articles and letters showcasing how these efforts have made a real difference.
I found this story among others.

Richard Higgins

 If I were to be perfectly honest, I'd have to admit that during my 23 years of being a paraplegic I'd never heard of the Abilympics until last year. That's a great shame, because after my recent involvement in the 8th Abilympics held in Seoul, South Korea, representing Australia in the wood carving category, it was a real eye opener. In my opinion the Abilympics should be embraced by many others who are disabled but have skills in which they can compete.
I didn't bring back any medals, but if you'll forgive the cliche, it's not just about winning but taking part that counts and having the opportunity to meet many other competitors from countries as far away as Holland and Canada. There were hundreds of disabled competitors in Seoul who all came together to compete and show communities around the world that it's about our ability not our disability!
This was the first time I'd been so far away from home with what started out as a group of strangers, but I returned home with fond memories and new friends. The whole experience from start to finish was an exciting adventure and I am sure there are many other talented disabled people out there who would benefit from the experience I had by proudly representing their country in the next Abilympics.
I found this amazing the more I investigated the more I discovered about Abilympics seems each state in Australia has a Gov dept which covers it. News to me!!

Here' a short video of another gent who to part on SkillsOne site.

Where did it all start from what I can gather in Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers

I digress a moment.

World wide moves are taken to recognize and put the word forward just like on Rehabilitation International

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