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Adam Hood Wheelin' 24/7

I took great interest in a video showing Adam Hood a 24/7 wheelchair user and his purpose design and built lathe.

Adam Hood of Florida is the first person to get a new Independence lathe, designed specifically for seated turners. Adam was one of a group of seated turners who helped us evaluate our design as it progressed. Adam had this to say about his new lathe:

Got the lathe yesterday and all I can say is, I LOVE This THING!!!!! I was on it all day yesterday. The wife had to come out and drag me in for dinner. I couldn't sleep last night either so I went out and turned on it from 2 am to 7 am. Amanda took a few pics to send to you. I don't know how to say it other than thank you very much. This is gonna help me develop my skills a lot I can tell.

Adam uses "The Independence" lathe designed and built by Robust Tools
The 16" Independence lathe was designed for turners who work from the seated position. The lathe is height adjustable and the bed can be tipped towards the turner to improve access to the work.
Indpendence has many of the features of our other lathes and shares the same seven year mechanical parts warranty. In addition:

· Sliding headstock
· Corded Pendant Controller
· 1.5 HP/110 or 220 volt  or  2.0 HP 220 volt
· Premium Vector Drive with Auto-Tune
· Variable Speed, Forward/Reverse
· Integrated Tool Rack
Click on the photo for a larger image.
Click below for additional information:
Video featuring seated turner Adam Hood
Spec Sheet
Photo Gallery and Design Details
Further specs.

Specifications:-1.5 HP (110 or 220) or 2.0 HP (220v)- Adjustable height-Bed tips forward 0 – 30 degrees - 16” swing, 28” between centers (Thats as good as a Nova) -Built in Tilt - Away
 My Thoughts (Ray)I see this as a great design and well thought through with the end user in mind the steel tube frame allows good movement around the whole lathe. It looks sturdy and versatile although turning a 16" platter could have some consequences unless the seated turner could position themselves clear of the swing. A price tag US$ which is in the area of the Vicmarc VL200 sit down which is just a midi lathe. 

I asked Adam for some in put. (thanks Adam)

My name is Adam Hood. I am a T-11 complete para. I have been hurt for 6 years from a motorcycle accident. I have been turning for around 3 years and 2 years ago I was put in touch with Brent English with Robust Tools LLC. We went back and forth along with a few other seated turners around the nation and came up with the design of the Robust Independence. I received mine last march. I was turning on a Jet 1014 VS and the independence helped me out tremendously. It was a blessing to be connected with Brent English and get this lathe. If you have any questions about the lathe for someone who has "been there and done that", feel free to contact me. If you have any other questions, I think that you would be able to contact any of us to get answers. Check out the video on either Don's site or Brent's site under the independence tab. If you want other videos I'm pretty sure that I could get my wife to video me turning if you want. Feel free to email me if you need anything.
I don't have any discomfort other than what I usually feel in my chair. I have no use of my legs so I can't sit in a different chair and turn. I am in my wheelchair from the time I get out of bed till the time I get back in bed at the end of the night. I have back pain due to sitting all day but that is normal for me whether I be at the lathe or not. 

If you have any more questions for either myself, Brent or Don, feel free to ask.


From Don Gieger
 Hi Raymond:
Thank you for your message. The Independence lathe from Robust provides many benefits for seated turners. 
Please feel free to add links too:

I've shared this reply with Brent English, president and owner of Robust Tools, LLC. He designed the Independence lathe.
I've also shared it with Adam Hood, the seated turner featured in the video on my site.

We hope that innovative systems such as the Independence will encourage persons who need or want to be seated to pursue woodturning as a hobby or vocation.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write me.

Don Geiger

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