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George Claxton Rugby Player Woodworker

George’s Story…
George Claxton TrustOn Sunday 26 February, while playing for Blackburn U15s, George Claxton went to tackle an opposition player coming off the back of a ruck and threatening his team’s line. What happened next nobody really knows, except George committed everything and was left still on the ground. Seconds later the game was stopped and his life changed.
Several weeks and one major operation later George is now in Sheffield Spinal Injuries Unit, in a wheelchair and working hard to win the mobility and independence every young man wants but so few come to truly appreciate. Given the challenges he now faces his spirit is an inspiration. There is a bubble of positivity and humour around George that is infectious and humbling. George has no feeling below his chest and the control he has in his fingers is limited, yet despite this he is inventing extraordinary ways to interact via phone and computer, and if you tweet or email him he will respond.
As well as being a part of the rugby community George is student at St Wilfrid’s Church of England High School and Technology College with deep roots either side of the Pennines in both Blackburn and Sheffield. This website is here to help you and George connect and support the efforts of the community around George to raise funds for his Trust Fund and make some sort of difference. Please read on, join in, connect and donate

Another First For Me

This week I tried some wood turning in the Occupational Health workshop. This is the first time that the Therapist has had a Tetra attempt it.

For those who do not know I have no movement in my fingers or Triceps muscles, this makes it impossible for me to grip anything with any power and some arm movements are not possible. A quick check of Triceps usage is to put your hand on the back of your head and try to lift your arm straight up in the air.
I had the chisel bandaged in place and off we went, the therapist held on to me to make sure I was stable as I cannot use my stomach muscles either and I did a few “cuts”.
I have used a Lathe before at my Granddads so I knew how to do it.
I did not make anything this time but I am hoping that next time there will be something to show for the effort.
You can see my first attempt on the lathe on “youtube” by following the link below
George C :)

I can't recall how I found Georges site and his turning but he has granted permission as have many others. I am not sure I am keen on the safety factor of strapping a gouge to his hand one dig in or catch could have some disastrous results like broken bones. I would suggest an arm support type I can't find the image darn it as soon as I do I'll post and edit and put it up. Its a metal brace a frame which at the fore arm area is shaped like a U with Velcro to strap it on. A rod attached/welded down along towards the wrist and hand where gouges can be quickly be slotted into without need for changing the brace. If I recall I saw it for a one armed turner.

Looking at you having a go your slouch in getting stuck in. I love this vessel your grandad has done I think I have seen it somewhere before on a forum. Your in good hands if he's the one teaching you.

Edited 1346hrs Thursday 27th June.

I found a similar photo George see the brace set up on this, if velcro was strapped over the top along the arm bit and a hand brace made to suit your hand which had the ability to slot the various tools required to turn in bingo your turning like a pro.
This tool is from Lee Valley in USA but I am sure with
 Here's a similar one see the strap fitting.
I suggest a look at Rolly Munroe's tools or Robert Sorby modular set I am sure Grand dad knows these tools. I might be jumping the starting pistol but worth a try.

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