Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"The Hobbiest Machine Shop" Daniel Kautz

As I said this Blog will be about many who have some form of health issue and not just into woodwork or turning but any activity where tools and machines come into play. I discovered Dan's site while searching for information on metal turning and discovered his similar medical complaint. I contacted him back then in regard to it explaining myself and my condition. Since then Dan has ventured further taking into his hobby shop woodworking as well as CNC.

Like myself Daniel has a form of CMT  called Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) of which I also get told I have signs of

Daniel with two of his metal lathes.

Hello Ray,

The link is fine with me. I have several. You can take your pick or all, they all cross link to each other.

Ramblindan.org is my personal blog, kind of general coverage. (Some beautiful photography)
TheHobbyistMachineShop.com is my machine shop web site.
THMSBLOG.com is the blog for The Hobbyist Machine Shop.
TheHobbyistWorkshop.com is my non-machine shop activities and it contains an internal blog.

There are several more but that should be enough. Ha!

I need a new chair like yours. I just built a new low bench and need an office type roll around chair. http://thehobbyistworkshop.com/jla/index.php/wood/low-work-bench
"Recently I decided I had to make myself as comfortable as possible while working in my shop. I have Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) and I am most comfortable when I am sitting down to work on things. I am able to walk around the shop and as you can see here, I am still capable of fairly large and complex projects.
I know my mobile ability will continue to decline so I have set my plans and mind to making smaller projects. With the tools and machines I have, I want to be working on precision metalworking project items that are commonly called metalsmithing. It is a bit of a slide from pure machine shop gears and levers and more of forming the metal. Far closer to jewelery work and model making than building an internal combustion engine. (but I will continue that.)"
The Video link http://thehobbyistworkshop.com/jla/images/video/LowBench.mp4
 I can still walk around by holding on to things but stool height is getting uncomfortable for long periods. And as you see I can do woodworking but have to be extremely aware of what could go wrong. I really want to get more into wax carving both with my CNC and by hand. (I really like some of the hand work I have seen.)The low bench is for hand carving and detail work. My hands are affected with CMT/PN so I want to use them before I loose them. I just posted in the blog http://thehobbyistworkshop.com/jla/index.php/blog/entry/15-a-good-wax-job my trials yesterday and I am not suffering (hand cramps, etc.) today. Full steam ahead...

I am going to add Dan's 3 Dimensional Art site also http://dimensionalart.org/
I have often given thought to my fragmented hobby interests; just too many activities within which to divide my time. So what is a man to do? Make the best from all of them, of course.
I struggle to overcome what may be seen by some as a character flaw, that of being an pretender renaissance man or polymath. I have always aspired toward gaining a wide but significantly detailed range of knowledge and varied abilities. This does not automatically make me a genius as that is a definite distinction from polymath. I have not always followed the conventional schooled method of knowledge building, as I generally consider that route too slow and limiting. Self study and deep lifetime involvement serve me just as well.
 Many thanks Daniel  its good to read and see the variety of interests you have in life never let it stop you.

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