Thursday, 18 July 2013

Another Sit Down Lathe This one from Hager

This Hager sit down lathe

HAGER front seat Star lathe

Specifications: Center height 225 mm turning length 700 mm Variable speed 200-2600 rev / min Equipment: electronic speed control, hand rest and tailstock with eccentric clamp, tool rest 250 mm; Vierzackmitnehmer D = 24 mm MK3, revolving center MT2; spindle handwheel

Here's the Hager Front Star in action.

I am not quite sure the fellow turning is a wheelchair user as he seems to exert leg force when turning. He does show that a clear area is accessible in using the wheelchair, switches tool rest, tail stock and even motor are all accessible. Height adjustment of the bed seems on this stand fixed, yet its sturdy, it would be a lathe which would need to be bolted to the floor or a good set of weights on each end.

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