Sunday, 28 July 2013

WheelchairDriver - John Williamson (Burgerman) Engineer

This profile of John is taken from his WheelchairDriver forum.

I am a 12 year T4 paraplegic, that has a rather good grasp of engineering, physics, power wheelchairs and vehicles generally. Can design, fix, redesign and improve anything! Its what I do.

Before my accident I used to build big drag race V8 powered cars, and turbocharged and nitrous injected very fast bikes. And also design and build Nitrous injection systems, jet engines, automotive dynamometers. Much of it commercially. So I dont find wheelchairs very complicated at all! In fact I find them pretty under developed and overweight.

I live with Arnie (German Shepard), Vera (small young fit blond - another one of my interests) in an adapted house in a quiet Grimsby street in the UK (East Coast near the Humber Bridge)

Am also into computers, photography, beer, model planes and helicopters and far too many other things.

If your wheel has fell off ask here how to fix it. You wont get the usual "contact your healthcare professional" bullshit on here!


While this is from John's Power Wheelchair build site 
 I have spent the last 14 years in a wheelchair after a bike accident.
I was disgusted at the crappy build quality prevalent in most of this industry along with poor & outdated design, & antiquated cheap components of even the BEST power wheelchairs.

 I asked John about his workshop his reply.

My workshop doesn't exist. I build chairs, and other stuff in the bedroom I sleep in. And the garden wall, or in my kitchen, or wherever!
 Go have a read of John's site his work on these wheelchairs is awesome I for one would love something like this.

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