Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Thomas Cleary - Model Engineer

I have often visited the HMEM forum browsing the site for information and to view its inspiring works produced by its members. It is one of a few forums that has a separate section Machining with Disabilities  specifically to encourage and inform those with problems and information on how too's. I like the introductory statement from Gail . Its through this section I spotted Tom's thread about him and his workshop.

I received an email from Tom this morning as he doesn't have his own website along with some photos of his work. To see his shed and set up click on the links below.

 Ray, I've been in the chair 13 years this week. The result of being hit by a car while riding my motorcycle.  Machining has been a Hobby of mine for about 10 years, but I've been a mechanical guy all my 61 years. Go Karts, Mini Bikes, Motorcycles cars,boats, Model RC aircraft. 

A gearhead all my life. I went to college for automotive technology  and became a Factory Rep for Mercedes Benz, and then Freightliner Trucks which was owned by Mercedes.Aside from a couple years of metal shop in HS I am self taught in machining.

I left the Freightliner Corp and started a Motorcycle Dealership selling Honda and Suzuki Motorcycles, ATV's. I then sold that business and retired in 2008.

My retirement gift to myself was a 16 x 30" workshop added to my house for my tools to hang out in. You can see some photos in the Shops forum of HMEM. Today I have a Monarch 10EE lathe, a Rockwell 10" lathe, Bridgeport Mill, Myford Cylindrical Grinder, TML 5 x 10 Surface grinder, Mohawk Drill grinder to 1.25" and  various other small tools. 

Past projects have been a number of mechanical puzzles, double faced quarters, Some 10 gauge Black Powder salute Cannons. Current projects are a Corliss stationary Steam engine, and a  1:12 scale steam locomotive. Both will be working models. Many projects are for friends, Steering arm for a sailboat, a missing part here and there,  Wheelchair repairs for a guy who sells used Chairs. And before you know it the day is over. 


Above- Fence Washer for vinyl Rail fence.
10 ga BP Salute cannon

Nut Puzzle, Shown is 5 of the 7 pieces

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