Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Tim Clark Pen Turner Down Syndrome

I came to know of Tim Clark (aka Timboclark) through a woodwork forum and another forumite Barry White who introduced him to the site and mentors Tim in Pen Turning.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim and his parents last weekend 30th June when they called in as they were down from Tamworth visiting and Tim seeing Dr's

Tim has Down Syndrome and is visually impaired and a heart condition.
I got to see two of the pens he made for his mum and dad (Pauline and Mathew) very nice and they support him doing this and many other things.

Here's a little about Tim seems he just loves life and is into everything he can be.

Tim Clark pen turner
He is 23 years has 2 other sibblings, lives at Kootingal on an 1800 acre property where his family have Santa Gertrudis Cattle

He won two Gold medal swimming at the Launceston Special Olympics in 2009.
I was told he caused quite an incident while at the blocks ready to dive in. A marshal assisting Tim mentioned the block Tim was on was one in which Aussie Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe used. Tim stood down and refused to get on the block. When questioned why Tim said "Thorpe fell in on that one so I am not using it". They allowed Tim to start from the edge.

Loves to go hunting, rides a Quad bike around the property.

Attended Oxley High to year 12, South Primary prior that.

He is into Ballroom dancing.

Goes camping with friends and loves his country music living in Tamworth he's in the heart of it.
Keeps fit at the Gym twice a week, I thought handling the cattle and horse would be enough of a workout.

Works one day a week at the  Welcome Way horse stud.

At present he's also attending TAFE computer studies.

Now Tim doesn't have a website so with his and his parents permission I have downloaded photos from his Facebook page.

It was a pleasure to meet Tim a country gent a big smile and strong hand shake, loves to laugh. Hope to see you some time soon Tim.


Tim and his Ballroom dancing.

Tim and his dad and friends often go out shooting, the area is renown for its wild bore.

A small sample of Tim Pens, these he is mentored by Barry White

The pens below are those he made for him parents.

Tim Clark standing and me

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