Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mike Ruch Underground Woodworking

I found Mikes pages in a search he has a Blog called Underground Woodworking

Hi Ray,
     I am disabled due to not being able to turn my head due to an accident. I am in extreme pain all the time and an on morphine. On my good days I am able to work in my woodshop. I walk with a cane since I tend to fall down a lot but I use my shop time as sort of therapy. I'd be pleased if you linked my blog and/or my Facebook page to your page. The more people we can get to know that disabilities don't have to stop the creativity.  Check out a couple facebook pages of my friends, Cool Tool Shed and workshopaddict. If you haven't started a Facebook page you should, my page has changed my life.
Also, If you haven't done so, you should got out to and join up. It's all free and you can show off your work, ask questions and occasionally they have contests too. they have one going on now to win a free 18 gauge nailer. No cost, not even for shipping if you win. All the guys out there are wonderful and don't judge. 

These are my creations made in my Underground (Basement) Woodworking shop. Most all the items I make are made from recycling wood pallets. I'm a disabled woodworker that enjoys the time I can spend in my shop. I re-purpose a lot of items from thrift stores for hardware. I hope you enjoy my creations and leave me a message. Check back often as I try to make new items regularly.

I really like Mikes pallet tool box/chest there is a pallet challenge happening on the at present I wonder if any will produce such as this.

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